Remind me of ... Me!
~ Living an Uncompromised Life ~

What does the Remind me of Me Package contain?

• 1 full day 1 full day immersion in celebrating EACH SEASON. This includes

  • Awareness of “ME” - Tailor made coaching with Mladenka Perroton
  • Mindfulness to transform your life with Puja Sapkota
  • Master Class in Food awareness Anou Boccasam

The sessions will be complemented with healthy drinks and food all day long

• 1 Magic...ME box EACH MONTH delivered in your mailbox
What’s the MAGIC of The Magic...ME box?
We live in autopilot throughout our lives, so one of the way to open our heart is to invite curiosity, trust and create room for surprises. With this in mind the Magic...ME box is designed to indulge your passions, live your dream, to bust your fears. This TOOL has been thoughtfully and lovingly created to enhance your Reming me of ...ME! Journey

• Remind me of ... ME drops of wisdom in your email box



Workshop 1

What does each season bring for you?

Season 1

It’s Spring

Just like a jardinier, we prepare the soil of your desire and connect you to your passion. You plant the SEED of your dreams and aspirations.

Take Away of the day

  • Connect with your dreams
  • Discover your position in your life map
  • Learn to create ME time on demand
  • Slow down to speed up
  • Uncover the myth and the reality of the food you eat

Workshop 2

Season 2

Summertime Happiness

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all the obstacles in my way” - Jonny Nash

  • Birth your dreams
  • Change your obstacles into opportunities
  • Create your road map
  • Walk the Talk
  • Own your Food choices

Worskshop 3

Season 3

Homecoming Rituals

“I am coming home, I am coming home, Tell the world I am coming home” - P Diddy

  • Harvest
  • Celebrate ME
  • Togetherness
  • Abundance

Workshop 4

Season 4

Remind me of ... ME! AGAIN

The best things in life aren’t things!!

  • Receiving “the Gift”
  • Switch on your Personal Power
  • Contemplate the Language of Silence
  • Lessons from the Pickle
  • It’s not the recipe...


For more details please contact me on: and/or by phone:  078.880.40.22


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